To address and hit the golf ball out of a “plugged lie, ”Golf Genie™ Pocket Guides recommends the following golf tips.

A plugged lie is when the golf ball has come to rest in a pitch mark.

– At address, use e a more lofted club such as a pitching wedge or sand wedge.
– Take a firmer grip.
– Position the ball back in the stance toward the right foot about 1 to 2 golf balls away from the center of your golf stance.
– Keep your body weight on the left side throughout your swing.
– Hit down on the ball and restrict your follow-through.

Following these steps is sure to get your ball airborne and out of the plugged lie. Experiment this shot with different clubs so that as your confidence grows with this shot you can not only get yourself out of trouble, but also position yourself well for the next golf shot.