The number one goal for most golfers is to achieve a lower golf score. However, most golfers work on random elements of their game without a clear plan or strategy. Instead, golfers should focus on improving their game in a few critical areas at a time to lower their golf scores most effectively.

Here are two proven golf tips to help you

achieve your goal of a lower golf score:

Develop a Solid Short Game

Sixty percent or more of your golf score occurs within 100 yards of the cup. So, the most effective and

quickest way to lower your golf score

is to become a solid short game player including pitch shots, bunker shots, chip shots and most importantly, putting. You should try to devote half or more of your practice time to the short game.
Break up your short game golf practice routine into distinct phases consisting of fundamentals, accuracy and distance control and incorporate checkpoints, practice drills and practice games into each phase.

Practice Smartly

If you really want to improve your game and lower your golf scores, you need to reinforce your strengths and work on your weaknesses efficiently when you practice rather than hitting countless range balls with no plan or purpose. To do so, take the time to clearly identify your strengths and challenge areas and develop a good practice plan and set of routines around your needs before you practice golf.

To identify your strengths and challenge areas, monitor your progress as you play and practice. Are your drives accurate? Are you achieving good distance? Are your iron and wedge shots crisp? Do you have a tendency to slice or pull the ball? How is your pitching, chipping and putting accuracy? If you pay attention to your strengths and challenge areas, you should get a good feel of which aspects of your game you should work on now which will directly lower your golf score the most. Work on those areas when you practice, but always make room for the short game!