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  • History of Golf
    Golf history overall has been traced as far back to the mid 14th century and the Scottish and English still debate today where the sport originated. However, the game of golf as we know it today is believed to have originated in Scotland. […]
  • Know How to Hit a Ball Over and Under Trees, Rough
    To successfully navigate the inevitable trees and rough that you will encounter on the golf course, Golf Genie™ Pocket Guides recommends the following golf tips. Hitting Over a Tree   Choose a longer club (i.e., a 6-iron for a 7-iron shot). […]
  • How to Lower your Golf Score
    The number one goal for most golfers is to achieve a lower golf score. However, most golfers work on random elements of their game without a clear plan or strategy. Instead, golfers should focus on improving their game in a few critical areas at a […]
  • Learn All About Golf Plugged Lie
    To address and hit the golf ball out of a “plugged lie, ”Golf Genie™ Pocket Guides recommends the following golf tips. A plugged lie is when the golf ball has come to rest in a pitch mark. – At address, use e a more lofted club such as a […]